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As an Asian Wedding Photographer, I believe artistic flair comes from within. My drive began during my academic years, where I always excelled at art and design. It was here I envisaged one day becoming a creative source of memorable moments.

My passion for photography has always been there, initially as a hobby, which I decided to pursue further in 2013 when I purchased my first professional camera. Around this time, I also discovered photoshop as a method of being creative and painting digitally. This then led me towards a newfound purpose to capture precious moments for newlywed couples.

In fact, it was when I was documenting my first Indian wedding ceremony, that I became overwhelmed with euphoria. I was capturing all the timeless memories taking place, right in front of my eyes, in photographs to last a lifetime. From the laughter and the colours, to more than a few happy tears from the bride and grooms’ families! It was at this moment, I realised I wanted to be a professional wedding photographer specialising in Asian weddings.

Over the years this passion has taken me all around the UK, especially Birmingham and London and abroad. I have also been lucky enough to fly out to Paris, the Amalfi Coast in Italy and the USA for weddings and pre-wedding shoots. I have been extremely fortunate to produce glamorous, dynamic and creative portraits for couples to treasure forever.

During the years I have spent as a professional wedding photographer, I’ve learn it also involves being a people person, with excellent communication skills. You also need to able to lead and direct people, as well as be punctual and timely. Whenever I photograph an Asian wedding, whether it’s a Sikh wedding, Hindu or Muslim, you also need to be respectful of the cultural differences. This is in order to get the best possible images of the day, which can be difficult for mainstream wedding photographers.

Fine Art Photography

My fine art photography combines the portraits I have taken, with my skills in Photoshop to create stunning and innovative masterpieces. These images put together the visual story of your wedding day, with each one portraying a mixture of drama, luxury, elegance and innovation. In this images, every moment and missed glimpse is pieced together in a story of the day for you to cherish forever.

Find out more about my fine art asterpieces, or have a look at recent weddings I have photographed here. If you would like to discuss your Asian wedding photography requirements with me, contact me here.

`Art is not what you see, but what you make others see`
Egdar Degas.
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