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Asian Wedding Photographer – Satpal Kainth

As an Asian wedding photographer I believe artistic flair comes from within. My drive began at a tender age, when I envisaged myself as a creative source of memorable moments.

I purchased my first camera with intentions to pursue my hobby. Before I knew it my passion grew vastly and I found myself expressing a newfound purpose – capturing precious moments for newly wed couples.

In the midst of documenting my first wedding, I was surrounded by an array of priceless and unforgettable moments; moments that defined significant emotions; emotions that needed to be captured in time. It was during this instance that I was overcome with euphoria and came to the realisation that I wanted to be a professional wedding photographer specialising in documenting Asian weddings.

Fine Art Photography

My fine art images put together the visual story of your wedding day. Each image will portray a mixture of drama, luxury, elegance and innovation. I capture every moment and missed glimpses to piece together the story line that you will look back upon and cherish for a lifetime.

What you see is your dream!

`Art is not what you see, but what you make others see`
Egdar Degas.
Asian Wedding Photographer | Satpal Kainth