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How to create Fine Art Images?

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”

Johnathan Swift


Having been asked a number of times about how I captured one of my fine art images I decided to write an article on ‘how to create fine art images’. In this article I explain my vision, my creative thought process and the post production techniques I used to enhance the overall look of that particular image.



I was asked by Sunny and Sanita to capture the images of their wedding day. When I entered the wedding venue and saw the mandap at the far end of the corner I knew exactly what kind of image I wanted to capture and create. I wanted the image to highlight the bond between husband and wife and to capture the union that they had just made in the presence of their God. The original image of the mandap looked like this:


Creative Process

After the Hindu wedding ceremony I was given around five minutes to conduct a couples photoshoot. I seized the opportunity to execute my vision. I directed the bride and groom into position. Once they were in position I measured the ambient light and dialled my settings. I then manually set my flash as a back light for the couple and adjusted it until it was in the correct position. When I was happy with the setup I used my Nikon D3s to capture shots of the frame and my Nikon SB-910 for lighting.


Post production

I uploaded the image into Adobe Lightroom and began my post production process of transforming the image into a fine art masterpiece. This involved working with the shadows, highlights and other global adjustments, such as split tone. Once I was happy with the image I uploaded it into Adobe Photoshop and began making my finer adjustments, which involved dodge and burn, skin softening and curve adjustments. My last steps were to upload my files into additional plugins and make further adjustments to create the desired look.

The final image created was……..


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