Priya & Manu asked me that they wanted a fun, natural and softer looking feel to their pre wedding shoot. We decided the location for the shoot to be based in Liverpool.

It was an early start to ensure we captured the best light and also to get away from the traffic of individuals. Manu was initially tentative to being directed during the shoot as it was unfamiliar territory.

I was using my trusty Nikon Sb-910 and natural light for lighting purposes. The advantages of the speed light is that it’s super compact and combined with the Phottix Odin trigger it never misses a shot.

The shoot was full of laughter and a relaxed atmosphere, as Manu slowly fell into the grove of things and actually started to enjoy the whole posing and directing. We were lucky enough to have some beautiful weather, which ensured I captured softer and natural images.

After the shoot we all decided to go for breakfast together as the shoot built up everyone’s appetite. It was an ideal opportunity to build relationships and also enjoy a delicious breakfast!

I received a beautiful message from the couple after the pre wedding shoot, which just shows that a shoot can be fun and full of luaghter:

Thank you so much. We actually had a great time. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

Please follow link below to view Priya & Manu’s Grand wedding held at St George’s Hall, Liverpool.


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