Choosing a wedding photographer & their wedding photography styles

Every wedding photographer has their own creative vision, approach and style of photography. Choosing your wedding photographer can be an overwhelming task because there are so many styles to choose from, for example, wedding photojournalism, fine art wedding photography, contemporary wedding photography and traditional wedding photography.  As a client you need to consider which style best suits your individual needs. I have explained each style below and hope that this will help you to make your final decision.

Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding photojournalism is an unobtrusive approach to capturing your wedding day. The approach is a story telling style that involves minimal or no involvement from the wedding photographer. The wedding photojournalism photographer allows the day to unfold without any direction and captures natural and honest moments rather than setup poses. The day through their photography and creative eye.  The images will convey genuine emotion based on the photographer’s artistic vision and perception.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine art wedding photography is about the artist behind the camera (the photographer). It’s not about capturing what the camera sees; it’s about capturing what the artist sees. In fine art photography the artist uses the camera as a tool to create a work of art. The camera is used to make an art piece that reveals the vision of the artist and makes a statement of that vision rather than documenting the subject before the lens.  This style of photography often involves more innovative and dramatic post-processing of images.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary wedding photography is also known as fashion, creative and modern wedding photography; it’s partially inspired by editorial fashion photography. The photographers approach is to create high impact and visually interesting images. Although the shots are set up but they are likely to be less formal and rigid. The photographers aim is to find interesting spots as a backdrop and use/creates strong light effects and unusual angles. The images created will mostly represent the photographer’s style rather than the couple’s personality and the overall atmosphere of the wedding day.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography is an approach that usually concentrates on key moments and group shots; they will also shoot a set list of photographs. This style of photography involves a lot of involvement from the photographer and a lot of time is spent on formal set ups.  The images will document the participants but many not reflect the atmosphere of happiness and the excitement of the wedding day.

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